mission report
…through snap chat?


mission report

…through snap chat?

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Whoever he used to be and the guy he his now…
I don’t think he’s the kind you save, he’s the kind you stop.

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I think the best assesment of the scene I ever saw was in heydon’tjudgeme's recap:

'I imagine Pentecost is at the same emotional level as watching your kid’s first football game and getting interrupted because your dumb nephew blew up the concession stand.'

That comment is golden.

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inspired by (x)

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steve convincing nat to be his new roomate after they find bucky bc she has a lot of experience with the Soviets and with brainwashing stuff; plus steve isn’t exactly sure how to look out for bucky now if he’s on his own; he says its because he’s a heavy sleeper and plus they work so good as a team anyway, she goes along with it because she knows what the real reasons are; Clint of course drops by in the middle of the night one time and Bucky almost stabs him in the face but cap and nat wake up in time andn are like what the fuck is going on; Clint’s all i need a place to crash you guys got a loft? Natasha’s all ok fine but only for a little while because you leave your socks on the floor. So Clint ends up crashing in their loft and relentlessly trying to get Bucky to laugh at his jokes; it doesn’t exactly work but Bucky does seem to be a little more relaxed as time goes on; they go on the roof sometimes and have precision sniper practice with empty beer cans (clints; steve drinks coca cola and bucky doesn’t drink anything but water and sometimes coffee, natasha prefers vodka when she has anything alcoholic) Bucky never says much to Clint and sometimes Nat will yell at them that dinner’s ready; she and Steve spent hours making the most mashed potatoes you’ve ever seen (Steve’s a great cook and natasha peels potatoes amazingly fast) So clint and bucky go downstairs and tuck into the amazing meal that they cooked; Natasha says Clint and Bucky better do the washing up because she’s going to watch a movie and then she’s taking volunteers to give her a back rub; Bucky takes this command to wash the dishes with the same dedication of many of his covert missions, while Clint does some things but mainly licks the mashed potatoes off his plate. After the dishes are done Clint pretty much drags Bucky over to their huge sofa where Steve and Natasha are just kind of sprawled there on each other; they’re watching Labyrinth and Natasha remarks that david bowie could fit a handgun in his codpiece and nobody would be the wiser; Steve’s face goes red and Natasha apologizes for being too inappropriate around grandpa; Clint laughs for 3 solid minutes while Steve tries to apologize and say that he’s not THAT embarassed (you’re a terrible liar, Rogers) and Bucky’s just kind of sitting at the far end of the sofa but he looks over at Steve, Clint and Natasha with the slightest curl to the edge of his mouth and he almost looks like old Bucky despite the long hair and the borrowed civilian clothes and the metal arm.

When tony hears about it he’s like why are you guys all smushed into some dump house in the suburbs and they defensively say WE LIKE IT plus you and banner being partyers all the time need the space, but you better come visit. (which bruce and tony gladly oblige) Thor crashes on their huge sofa when he comes to earth because he’s literally too huge to fit anywhere else; of course nobody remembers he sleeps in the buff so when Steve wakes up early in the morning he lets out the loudest squeak and stammers apologies while covering his eyes and backtracking back to his room. (CLINT, YOU DIDN’T WARN HIM?)(WHY WOULD I WARN HIM NAT I THOUGHT IT WAS OBVIOUS)(STEVE IS DELICATE, CLINT, YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT)(BUCKY DIDN’T BAT AN EYE)(THAT’S BECAUSE BUCKY’S SEEN SOME SHIT, BARTON YOU MORON) Finally nat is like ok here in midgard, thor, humans sleep with clothes ON eSPECIALLY at a friend’s house; Thor clears the whole house out of Eggo waffles and coffee (though he vows politely to get more) Bucky goes with him to the grocery store to make sure he gets the right brand, and Thor manages to convince Bucky that their “mission” doesn’t have to be a joyless and grave occasion. Steve, Natasha, and Clint smile when Thor and Bucky come back from the store not only with three different kinds of waffles, but also a huge bucket of neopolitan ice cream. And, when they have some for dessert after lunch, Bucky eats two bowlfuls with hot fudge

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AU⇒ Secret Avengers

เAfter the events of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, while the world is still pulling its pieces back together again, another team-up is needed. Coming back from the shadows, ex-director Nick Fury gathers the ultimate team-up.

Mistaken as nothing more than sidekicks, Iron Patriot and The Falcon join forces with the last guy they would’ve wanted: The Winter Soldier. Back from the hiding, James “Bucky” Barnes seeks to redeem himself from the horrors he caused in past years and, along-side Agent Hill and Agent 13, takes the name again, this time as a superhero, becomes part of Marvel’s newest team. 

A bunch of underrated super-people work under-cover in seemingly level-1 missions, but that really are more than that. These are the Secret Avengers.

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Make Me Choose
clotpolesonly asked: Merthian or Gweon

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I can’t wait Marvel’s Avengers 2 & phase 3 movies,

I miss him.


I can’t wait Marvel’s Avengers 2 & phase 3 movies,

I miss him.

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Seven halfbloods shall answer the call

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X bless X pjo X hoo


Fangirl Challenge

[4/10 TV Shows] » Haven

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As long as we’re together

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